The following music was recorded "wherever," partly or in full.


Twin Sister, "Color Your Life" 2009

Big Soda, "Paper Rt." 2010

Big Soda, "Big Deal" 2010

Bad Banana, "Cry About It" 2011

Dear Marje, "S/T" 2011

Swearin', "What A Dump" 2011

Swearin', "S/T" 2012

Waxahatchee, "Cerulean Salt" 2012

Bad Energy, "Demo" 2012

Little Master, "Very Let Down" 2013

Extra Feeler, "Queen For A Day" 2013

Radiator Hospital, "Something Wild" 2013

Upset, "She's Gone" 2013

Swearin', "Surfing Strange" 2013

Field Mouse, "Hold Still Life" 2014

Radiator Hospital, "Torch Song" 2014

Waxahatchee, "Ivy Tripp" 2015

Run Forever, 2015

Bad Canoes, 2015

Arm Candy, "Lounge Lizard" 2015

The Attendant, "Freaking Out" 2015

Certain Spiders, 2015

The Marshmallows, 2015

Girlpool, "Before The World Was Big" 2015

All Dogs, "Kicking Every Day" 2015

Dark Thoughts, 2015

Sports, 2015 

Littler, 2015